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What is WhatsApp
WhatsApp Messenger is a free program that can be loaded onto mobile phones but is also accessible from desktop computers. It just needs a mobile phone number to allow individuals or group to send messages to each other.
WhatsApp for Crime Prevention
The idea of using WhatsApp for crime prevention was, we believe, first tried in Holland with great success and is now worldwide.

Pro Monte Pego WhatsApp Group
Our group has been officially created and has been very well received by the Police Local and the Guardia Civil. Pro Monte Pego has created a permanent liaison with them see our SOS Pro Monte Pego for more information. They attribute that the great crime reduction success on the Monte Pego Urbanisation is as a direct result of our initiative.

Other Urbanisations and Councils are now discussing starting their own WhatsApp initiatives as word of our success has spread.

Pro Monte Pego WhatsApp Initiative
More than just a WhatsApp group, our initiative involves using signs as a visible deterrent, you will have seen the road signs located key locations around Monte Pego.


These have been installed with the permissons of the townhall and we would like to especially thank all those members who gave up their time and helped to erect the road signs.


Join our WhatsApp Group
We invite all Monte Pego residents to join our WhatsApp group.
Please note that you do need to own a smart phone to use WhatsApp and also be a member of the Pro Monte Pego. Join Pro Monte Pego.
To join we as you contact We do ask you for a one off payment of 20 Euros. This ensure we can support the WhatsApp group paying and for the road signs and the materals to install them.

When you join you will be added to the WhatsApp group and will recieve one of our WhatsApp plaques. These are smaller than the road signs and are very easy to display at your home.
We can supply more plaques, subject to availability and a reduced cost of 15 Euros each.
Please remember these plaques are for Pro Monte Pego and cannot be given to non members. Pro Monte Pego is a non-profit making association which is free to join. Money raised will allow us to get more road signs displayed around all Monte Pego. 
The more people that support us, the more we can achieve together.   Join Pro Monte Pego

Pro Monte Pego - The Official Monte Pego Home Owners & Residents Association



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