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Pro Monte Pego has created a permanent liaison with the Police Local & Guardia Civil. During our regular meetings, we have discussed crimes committed on Monte Pego.


This liaison makes it possible to advise the residents on Monte Pego, and has allowed Police Local & Guardia Civil to assign patrols in a more focus and effective manner. 




Stop and think for a minute:      Would you be able to call Police?


  • If someone was breaking in to your home?
    • Could you describe the suspect or even where you live?
  • What about if you are involved in a car accident?
    • Could you accurately describe the location?
    • Or description the nature of the injuries?


As foreigners we generally have very poor language skill, and in the stress of an emergency it is even more difficult to communicate information in Spanish.


If you need help then download and register the AlertCops app on your mobile phone.



This is an official Spanish Government app aimed at providing emergency assistance to foreigners in their own language.


But it is more than that, it also allow you to report domestic or public violence, vandalism or theft.


It also includes the facility to 

  • Chat - If you are a victim or witness of a risk situation, you may contact through the chat or send us photos and videos. You will get immediate attention from the Law Enforcement Agencies.
  • Located warnings - Depending on the area you are in, you may receive citizen security warnings to be prepared and collaborate with the Law Enforcement Agencies.
  • Guardian - Whenever you want, you may share your location with whoever you want. In case of emergency, the rescue will be faster and more accurate.



Please note:    this is the latest version of the app 

  • It is available for all types of smart phones, Apple and Android.
  • If you previously downloaded this app before March 2018, you will need to download the new version and reregister your details.
  • The app uses the internet to communicate with the emergency services. So you will need to have data packages enabled on your phone or be connected to a Wifi network.


Please dont leave it until its too late. Download it now, register, make sure you are connected when at home or when you are out.


Consumer Protection - Law Change


As of the 6th October 2018 changes were made to the law to provides some protection for gas and electricity customers. 


The practice used by energy companies of calling 'door to door' selling new contracts is now illegal. This only applies to domestic consumers.  


So if you didn't call them they shouldn't be there. Please call the Policia Municipal on 092.


It does not stop any other type of 'door to door' sales or tradesmen calling. But its at least a start.


If you would like to know more please visit  Agencia Estatal Boletin Oficial Del Estado  



Important Information




Guardia Civil Number : 062


Policia Municipal (Local Police) Number : 092 (The municipal police cover their local town or city area for traffic offences and control, lost property and crimes such as theft and neighbourhood disputes)


General Emergency Phone (including ambulance, traffic accident, fire and others emergencies): 112


POLICE Consulting Phone (only available in Spanish) 24/7: 965570118


GUARDIA CIVIL Consulting Phone (only available in Spanish) and only during office hours:  965570031



This collaboration is a volunteers' initiative for all Monte Pego residents in order to increase security and to help prevent crimes in this zone.


We have produced an e-mail account in collaboration with the Guardia Civil and police forces for reporting any kind of relevant information that may help to prevent crimes on Monte Pego.


As a collaborative group, we need all your cooperation in order to make this new project as efficient and useful as possible.


Any kind of photograph, vehicle registration number, comments about suspicious events etc. should be sent to us, so that they can be used to create an official report for the control and  investigation by the local and national security forces responsible for Monte Pego.




If you are a victim of crime, you must report it immediately to the Police or Guardia Civil. It would  also be helpful if you could let Pro Monte Pego know as well please, so that we can collate the information and liaise with the relevant authorities.


If you see something or someone suspicious and/or  you photograph it/them, please send the information and/or photographs to the e-mail site  where it will be dealt with.


If you see a crime being committed, then call 112 immediately, giving them as much information as possible, as per the help guides posted below. Please read it before you need it.


If you have been a victim of a buglary
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What to do if you see something suspicious
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