Positive Reaction From Denia

Dated 2017


GOOD NEWS !! : The Denia Town Hall has just confirmed today the installation of fire danger signs and that all the roadsides on Monte Pego, on the Denia side, will be cleaned before 15th December !

This is thanks to many petitions carried out by Pro Monte Pego together with many others, whom we thank for their fantastic work on making Denia Monte Pego roads a priority for the Town Hall.


Pro Monte Pego is also able to announce that Denia Town Hall today has confirmed the permission for us to install our What's App signs!


By cleaning the roads, installing the fire danger fire signs and our vigilance group of What’s App, we believe the protection against robberies and emergencies on Monte Pego has risen to another level. Although there is still a lot of work to be done, today’s news is a big step towards our goal!


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Safer Access To Monte Pego

Dated 2017

The works undertaken by the Diputación de Alicante, Territorial Road Service, have finally been carried out to the main enterance of Monte Pego. This includes the cutting of weeds, renewal and adding of signs and improvement of the security of the entrance/exit lanes.


After visiting those responsible and submitting petitions for the improvement of the entrance, perseverance has finally paid off and shown results.


Promises Of Improvements On The Sewerage System

Dated 2017


It is just four months since the meeting held in Bar Rafael where we jointly decided upon our priorities for the beginning of 2017.


Those were that we, firstly, wanted the weeds to be cleaned and the streets repaired; and then, secondly, we wanted to investigate and find out who were the responsible authorities regarding the waste water treatment plant.


We can already announce good news.


Firstly, the cleaning of weeds and the repair of our roads is on track and it is expected that both Pego and Denia will do this work before the summer; and, in the Rafol area, these priorities are already the subject of regular maintenance.


Secondly, and only two months after our meeting with EPSAR (Entidad Publica de Saneamiento de agues Residuales), we already have work underway for the improvement of our sewage treatment stations.


This is extremely good news for the Pro Monte Pego Team. We did not expect such a speedy reaction.


Although it is still a little early to be complacent, we feel we can say that the situation of ‘debugging’ the Monte Pego system has already begun. Things are beginning to improve and this gives us optimism that one day all of Montepego will be 100% efficient and operational although, unfortunately, we still have some way to go to get there. Research and action have begun to bear fruit and that's all we were created for: actions and improvements on Monte Pego.


We hope that our members feel as satisfied as Pro Monte Pego is with the actions that are changing the urbanisation. A big ‘thank you’ to EPSAR, the Promoter, the Pego, Denia and Rafol Town Halls and the Tecvasa Technics Company for doing their jobs.


Auto-Protection Project For Monte Pego

Dated 2017

Pro Monte Pego achieves a resounding success with the assistance of the mayors of Pego, Denia and Rafol and gets a commitment to clean the weeds


The Town Halls, Forest Engineers and PRO-montepego are working together to establish the Auto-Protection Project for Montepego.

This will include cleaning the roads, private and public plots, and the large green areas and forest of the three Municipalities.

During the meeting, the Town Halls explained their actions approved for 2017 and their commitment to collaborate to create the regular maintenance and fire protection project, with close collaboration between the Councils. As explained by the Forestry Engineer, Montepego is a village divided into three and we need to work together to take care of it.




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