Rafol Budget for 2017 includes investment in Monte Pego for the first time

Dated 2016


We attended a meeting at Rafol Town Hall this evening regarding the budget for Rafol for 2017. We are delighted to report that Monte Pego is included in the budget for next year.


As you all know, Rafol is only a small town, and their overall budget is also quite small. However, they are going to commence, in January, spending money on the Rafol section of Monte Pego.


They will start with road names and also try to fill in some of the potholes.


The Council has also agreed to supply garden rubbish containers from January.


The meeting also confirmed that they would remove the asbestos water pipes and would take care of other considerations we informed them about, as a priority, if the budget permits.


If there is any money left, they will start to remove invasive shrubbery, grasses and weeds. All house owners should, of course, do their bit and ensure that nothing from their own house is overhanging the road or pavement.


The Mayor of Rafol and Pro Monte Pego have agreed to work closely together to improve the needs that owners in Rafol may have.


Pego's Town Hall starts works on MP

Dated 2016


We are happy to inform you that, finally, our primary objective has been achieved on the Pego side of the mountain.


This was to show that the public services on Monte Pego are an obligation of the Town Hall, regardless of who has the ownership! Therefore, "regardless of whatever happens with their conflict", the Town Hall has to guarantee our basic rights. At long last, we can begin to see actions that support this evidence. These actions can be considered to be a breaking point of the legal impasse.

The consequences of this new legal situation mean that this legal impasse which was used for such a long time as an excuse for not accepting any responsibility has finally come to an end.

It has taken more than 2 years of initially presenting legal documentation, petitions, and protests by private individuals, followed by active collaboration with other groups that were helping on MontePego. Secondly, we created our official residents and home-owner's association called Pro Monte Pego.

During these 2 years, every action that we took has helped us and given us confidence to carry on. However, it was 'the court case of Tenerife' and the sentence that ensued, which dealt with a similar problem to ours, which enabled us to open the eyes of the Pego Town Hall. This has brought an end to the nonsensical legal impasse and the multitude of excuses that has been seriously affecting the quality of life of the residents of Monte Pego.

Thanks to this documentation, as well as the regular denuncias and visits to the Town Hall to keep up the pressure, Pego's mayor, Enrique Moll, (who always said that his intention was to help to resolve the conflict), Pro Monte Pego can now celebrate his successful approach.


We are very proud of our success for achieving this, in the way that we always wanted, without having recourse to lawyers in this conflict!


Our only wish is for Monte Pego residents to continue supporting us, to continue to come to our meetings and social events. Your cooperation has been heartening to see, as evidenced by the number of Members, the Facebook 'likes' and local supporters in Pego. Even the Town Hall has recognised us as the best organisation on Monte Pego to communicate with.


We consider it a privilege to have been able to resolve the legal impasse, and we are convinced that we have done our very best to assist in the defence of Monte Pego residents' and homeowners' rights.


Denia starts works on Monte Pego

Dated 2016



Denia Town Hall has started to put traffic signs on the Denia side of Monte Pego. The Company doing the work will still accept corrections relating to this matter. Pro Monte Pego will be coordinating these requests and will try to get the corrections through. Please send any suggestions/corrections concerning the traffic signs on the Denia side to info@promontepego.com.


Pro Monte Pego is happy to share this good news with you and looks forward to receiving your comments regarding roads signs.



The legal pressure put on Denia Town Hall is now showing results. This week Denia Town Hall has confirmed to us that the urgent repair needed in the Golondrinas Road has been accepted as an emergency. The resurfacing of the road with asphalt will start in January/ February but we must take into consideration 'the Spanish concept of time'.


As you may know, this was our very first denuncia which, thanks to our CIF number and legal advisers, we have been able to follow up with documentation during our several visits with the Department for Urban Development in Denia.


They promised that they are working on solutions for the rest of the roads on the Denia side of Monte Pego, as part of a bigger plan for accepting their responsibilities for maintenance. Pro Monte Pego will keep you all updated as soon as we receive more details.


We consider this action a reaction to Pro Monte Pego's legal documentation, the 'judgement of Fuerte Ventura' and the jurisprudence it represents for all Spanish urbanisations (which clearly indicates that it is the responsibility of the Town Hall to maintain and guarantee basic services to the population).


Guardia Civil meeting on Monte Pego

Update of the meeting, organised by Pro Monte Pego and SOS Pro Monte Pego, held with the Guardia Civil , Policia Local and the community.

Dated 2016


Held at the function room above the bar on the Bella Vista side the meeting was very well attended for which Pro Monte Pego and SOS Pro Monte Pego thank you all.


The meeting was opened with a warm welcome and a brief explanation of the reason for the meeting by Vicente Portes, President of Pro Monte Pego.


Then, an explanation of the purposes and aims of SOS Pro Monte Pego was given by Chris Howard-Haggerty.


Briefly, we have a proven line of communication with the Guardia Civil Police Force and the Policia Local, which are responsible for our community. They requested this set-up and are very happy with SOS Pro Monte Pego and the information that they have already received.


We explained that, as a community, we need to be more alert to the suspicious actions we may see on our urbanisation. It is very important to report these suspicions to: sos@promontepego.com

where it will be assessed, filtered and passed directly to the Guardia Civil, with whom we have direct contact 24/7.


We stressed that we do not want people putting themselves at risk to get information.


Read more information and guidance


Join our WhatsApp group


The Captain of the Guardia Civil, who is the Officer in charge of our area, with nine (9) other Officers in attendance, then spoke to the community. He stressed that there are no reasons for our community to be alarmed or to panic. He requests that we be aware of our own personal security by not leaving windows and doors open over night, through which criminals may gain entry. A percentage of recent crimes have been because premises were insecure. Please be aware of what you post on Social Media Sites, such as Facebook. Advertising that you are not in residence by stating you are elsewhere is a risk.


There was a crime committed with a suspected, but unconfirmed, firearm. This is a live investigation therefore information must be restricted.


If you see women, possibly Romanian, walking on the urbanisation asking for money etc., please phone the Guardia Civil immediately. These women are suspected of being spotters to assess suitable properties, from which to steal.


They may put white ribbon on the gates of properties. If you see any ribbons, please photograph them, note the full address and remove them. Please e-mail sos@promontepego.com with the information.

We have had two cases recently.


The Guardia Civil and Policia Local thank the community for their support and look forward to a continued, positive relationship with us all. They, like Pro Monte Pego and SOS, strongly believe that we can, through this partnership, make our Monte Pego Urbanisation crime free. 


Finally, from all of the Pro Monte Pego team, thank you all for your attendance, support and questions.




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