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During these last months, the Pro Monte Pego Team Members have taken the opportunity to contribute to the Monte Pego community while, simultaneously, having a good time with a lovely group of residents, all of whom want the same goal, that is to make the Town Halls responsible for the basic servicies of all Monte Pego.

We have endeavoured to achieve better communication with the Town Halls, without charging member fees, using passwords or dealing with proprietors' payments. Even so, we have achieved very positive results

We have made a list of some of the activities, where we have seen substantial advances during the past months:


  • Asphalting of the Golondrinas road & repairing portholes on many streets.
  • Cleaning the streets of weeds on Monte Pego.
  • Improvements to the main entrance of Monte Pego, cleaning and traffic security (Diputación).
  • Erection of traffic signs and painting roads with traffic indications.
  • Analysis of the drinking water.
  • Control of Processionary Caterpillars with tramps.
  • Installation of containers for the green waste.
  • What’s App group.
  • Analysis of the pollution leaking from the sewerage plant.
  • Ombudsman statement: basic servicies municipal manatory on MP.
  • European Parliament investigation.
  • Promotion of the free transport for emergencies  ACCIO URGENT. ☎️653867383
    and the free special collection of large waste items on Monte Pego
    by phoning  900102730  / 900 102 952  or e-mailing :


For all of this and more, we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the Members of the Pro Monte Pego Team, and the translators and collaborators, who have given us their free time and genuine willingness in an effort to ensure that Monte Pego is treated as it deserves.


Thank you for being a support to all the Monte Pego residents through Pro Monte Pego and for being an inspiration for many others, I am sure, even beyond Monte Pego.


Finally, thank you to all the Members for coming to the meetings and the events and making them a success.


You all help to make Monte Pego an even better community and place to live!!




Pro Monte Pego Team



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