Nexo Veterinary Centers is a network of centers formed by more than 25 clinics and hospitals.


Nexo Pego was founded in 2005 by Adriana Femenai Pastor, veterinarian and manager.


Our philosophy of work is based on prevention, with the clear objective of ensuring the health of your pet, making this way that the relationship between the animal and its owner is longer over time.


The quality, effectiveness and homogeneity of the veterinary service is our main challenge in day to day.


We currently have specialized services such as:


  • Veterinary Health Plans NexoPlan +25 Vaccination  
  • General medicine, Consultation Traumatology        
  •  Clinical Laboratory Service                                         
  • Radiology                                                                       
  • Surgery
  • Ultrasound Pet insurance Nexo24
  • Dog Education
  • Specialized store for animals
  • Dog groomer

96 557 09 79

965 784 038 (Emergency)

Passeig Reina Sofia, 11. Pego



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