During the last few years we have not received proper maintenance on our urbanisation. 


This has been because of external reasons which were beyond our control.

Residents who live here have become increasingly aware that the quality of public services has deteriorated, due to the lack of control by the authorities.

For this reason we decided to create the Association of Proprietors and Residents on Monte Pego (Pro Monte  Pego).

This Association gives all Residents and Proprietors on Monte Pego, who want to join, the information and the voice to make proposals and to prioritise issues which affect us all. Membership is free and it is for everyone who lives permanently on Monte Pego, or owns a house here, without excluding anyone.


The hope is that if we stand together now, and present a united front, we can make the authorities listen, and force changes and improvements through.


Therefore, in time, we will make Monte Pego an even better place to live.


We offer our collaboration to any person or association inside or outside Monte Pego, always in a transparent and positive way, because the communication with all agents is the best way to help the community on Monte Pego.


This is because we believe that an adversarial stance can make progress more difficult, as the parties become entrenched behind their lawyers.


Please remember Pro Monte Pego is a non-profit making association which is free to join. The Pro Monte Pego Team are all members of Pro Monte Pego and they give their time and effort for free. All money raised is purely for the improvement of Monte Pego, to be a better, safer place than it already is. 
The more people that support us, the more we can achieve together.   Join Pro Monte Pego


If you want contact us, e-mail: info@promontepego.com


The more people that support us, the more we can achieve together.



The Official Monte Pego Home Owners & Residents Association



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Pro Monte Pego ® , Official Monte Pego Home Owners & Residents Association.