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Welcome to Pro Monte Pego


Pro Monte Pego is a non-profit making association, which gives all residents and home owners on Monte Pego a voice.


Membership is free and it is for everyone who lives permanently on Monte Pego, or owns a house there, without excluding anyone.


How do we finance the expenses? We have been able to do this only by receiving donations from generous members. Thus, from solidarity, Pro Monte Pego was born.


To help you get the most from the information we share we have integrated Google's automatic translator, select the language you want, it has the ability to translate up to 95 different languages to an acceptible standard.


We have also added a webcam to observe the weather on Monte Pego in real time. The camera is updated every 5 minutes.

We hope you will be able to navigate easily through the different sections and find all the information we have showing what we are doing for Monte Pego.


Enjoy your visit!


Vicente Portes

President, Pro Monte Pego




Pro Monte Pego - The Official Monte Pego Home Owners & Residents Association



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MP Weather station


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Pro Monte Pego ® , Official Monte Pego Home Owners & Residents Association.